Lukisan 3D Dinding Yang Sangat Memukau !

Illusi 3-D keren yang dilukis di atas jalan sudah sering kita, akan tetapi mungkin masih banyak dari kita yang belum atau jarang melihat lukisan 3-D di dinding. 
3-D di dinding ini tidakkalah keren nya dengan 3-D yang dilukis diatas jalan. Mari lihat.





















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Blurring the lines: A mural entitled Art Imitating Life Imitating Art Imitating Life, at the Cafe Trompe L'oeil, in San Jose, California.

Having a cow: Valentine's Day, a mural unveiled during the Global Mural Conference in Twentynine Palms, California.

At first glance, it looks as if some natural disaster has shaken away the walls of these buildings to reveal architecture hidden for thousands of years.

And at second and third glance, it looks like that too.

But these spectacular images are not the unexpected result of an earthquake.

Wonder wave: John Pugh's Mana Nalu mural in Honolulu. Fire crews rushed to save the children from the mighty wave - before realising it was an optical illusion!

Take a pew: This looks like a nice spot to rest your weary feet on a sidewalk in Sarasota County Health Center, Florida.

Treasure trove: An Egyptian style mural adorns a wall in Los Gatos, California. Pugh paints people into the mural to heighten the 3D effect.

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