Foto Menghebohkan Ritual Aneh di Universitas Oxford !

Oxford students' shame: Women's lacrosse team dress up as babies and 'chav' mothers in degrading initiation ceremony

This is the shocking scene as dozens of girl students at Oxford University dressed up as babies and 'chav' teenage mothers in a degrading initiation ceremony.

First-year members of the lacrosse team were forced to wear nappies, suck on dummies and drink alcohol from baby bottles during the bizarre proceedings.

Shocking pictures of the 'Babies and Teenage Mums' themed event - which appeared on Facebook - also showed student freshers rolling on the floor wearing nappies.

Meanwhile older students - who played the role of 'chav' mums - wore tracksuits and gold jewellery while smoking and shouting abuse at their 'babies'.

Shocking pictures of the 'Babies and Teenage Mums' themed event appeared on Facebook which showed student freshers rolling on the floor wearing nappies

During the ceremony, which took place on Wednesday night, the younger girls had to sit on the older student's laps and be 'fed' baby bottles full of booze.

The younger students were also made to lick baby food off paper plates as part of the ritual, which has been branded 'extremely tasteless' by fellow students.

One outraged former member of the lacrosse team said: 'I think that the theme is extremely tasteless, especially as lacrosse is a sport played almost exclusively at private schools.

'The lash culture of the lacrosse team made me feel uncomfortable during my time on the team and I fear that freshers will have felt pressured into drinking too much and embarrassing themselves.'

Around 60 senior and new members of the team attended the event, which started in a student house before moving to several pubs and clubs in Oxford where the freshers were made to drink cocktails from baby bottles.

Each fresher - who was assigned a 'mother' - was then forced to lie on the filthy ground wearing just T-shirts and nappies which were strapped to their bodies with parcel tape.

The younger girls were then lined up against a wall while an older team member stood over them wagging her finger as if she was reprimanding them.

Another picture shows the younger students squatting in a queue while they licked white baby food from plates.

Oxford University Sports Federation president, Enni-Kukka Tuomala, said: 'We do not condone any club initiations and all the sports clubs know their responsibilities and university regulations'

Jane Dougherty, current captain of the lacrosse team, even shoved a plate into the face of one student for her to eat from while holding her hand out of the way.

A student who attended the ceremony said: 'The whole event got a bit out of hand and Jane and the other senior members of the team were almost competing with each other to see who could be most cruel to the babies.

'Jane put a plate of baby food into one of the girl's faces and frankly I found it too uncomfortable to watch by then and left before it finished.' Today, Dougherty refused to comment.

A second year student at St. Edmund Hall said: 'I don't have a problem with initiations in principle, but these look disgusting.

'I don't understand why so many people at Oxford find it funny to dress up as disadvantaged people and then get 'battered'.

'It's very embarrassing and I hope that those involved realise how stupid they look.'

Another student added: 'The players got blind drunk. They should be disciplined by their house masters for this.'

President of the Oxford University Sports Federation, Enni-Kukka Tuomala, said: 'We do not condone any club initiations and all the sports clubs know their responsibilities and university regulations that are included in every club's constitution and code of conduct. 

'The safety and well-being of our students is a priority.' A university spokeswoman said: 'I'm sorry we do not wish to comment on this issue.' Oxford and Cambridge universities have come under fire over the last few years for holding degrading initiation ceremonies.

Last February Cambridge University launched an investigation after first year students were forced to eat live goldfish and raw squid while wearing kippers round their necks.

And in March last year Oxford University came under fire after two female freshers simulated oral sex on bananas in order to win votes for a student election.

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